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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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February Newsletter

Love Is All Around

February is the love month. The perfect month for the LOVE (Urukundo) FOUNDATION. I hope each of you are our Valentine.  There is so much love here with lots to share.
Belise and Esperance
Babies from Mama & Baby Center share love.

We are ever in need of infant clothes for Valentine babies who remain in our hearts.
More love. Kiriku, Joyce, Jacob, Banitha. Friends.
Betty is also a Valentine. She has been the main caregiver in the boys house since 2006. She should be a great mom when she has her own kids as she has had lots of practice in the years she has served Urukundo’s boys and girls. Congratulations, Betty, and a happy marriage to Etienne from Mama and all your Urukundo family.
Thank you for inviting us to this happy event.


Child of the Month


Jacob is very special in my life. As I have said before, I have the privilege and honor to name the little ones who come to us with no identity.

As a young mother, I dreamed of naming one of my kids for my dad, Jacob Robert Griffith. That did not happen. When this beautiful young baby boy arrived in our Urukundo family, my dream was realized. So you see, Jacob was named for my dad whom I loved very much, making him a bit special.

We think Jacob was born about Friday, Dec. 28, 2012. We call that his birthdate. He arrived at Urukundo on Friday, Jan. 4, 2013. He was seven to 10 days old at the time.

He was a wonderful surprise. A gift between Christmas and the New Year. Can’t do better than that.

This dear baby boy was found very late at night. He was kicking and crying. He was in a ditch along a side road in Muhanga District.  He was out of harm’s way but not safe.

The police on patrol heard him crying and kicking up a storm. Why not? He was alone and hungry. It was late at night. So what to do? The police were wise and took this crying baby to the health center across the road from Urukundo Village. Good move. The hospital had no milk for the infant and sent the police and their bundle to Urukundo and our mamas. They were sure we had milk, and, of course, we did.

Jacob had found a home, food and love.

Jacob’s role model
Jacob has an idol. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, his reply was, “I WANT TO BE A BENJAMIN.” This surprised us until we realized he wanted to be a man like our maintenance manager Benjamin. He follows Benj everywhere and Benj gives him work to do alongside himself. Construction is in his future as Benjamin is in charge of construction at Urukundo.

For Christmas, Bob and Amy Dove, who are volunteers living here and Jacob’s education sponsors, had the Urukundo Sewing Center make him a suit like the one Benjamin wears.
Jacob with Amy and Bob
What a fantastic boy!
He graduates from preschool in November 2018.

Urukundo assistant manager Jacob. Now he has boots also like Benj.
Jacob’s best friend is his Urukundo big brother, Tresor. This little boy is such a treasure.


Rock Garden New to Urukundo Kids

For a long time, the children have been collecting and giving me precious stones. These stones are unique as there are many colors and crystal-like particles in them. They are beautiful, but I needed to do something with the stones. My bedroom was getting crowded.
What better than a rock garden?

The kids loved the idea, so a part of the garden was set aside for the rocks. Their first message was HELLO FRIEND. The second was a welcome home for Mama. Each week, the kids will choose a word they all want to learn and will spell it in the rock garden with the little stones. Oh, yes, the stones are many sizes.

Love it.
Mama spent a two days in Kigali. The children welcomed me home with this word and a photo in the rock garden.

Love these kids.


Visitors in February

Linda and Theresa came from Germany.

Delightful visitors, but their time was very short.
Volunteers Linda and Theresa had dinner with the kids.
Day care kids got butterfly stickers with visiting teacher Cheryl.

Cheryl, from California, USA, spent the month of February teaching in our primary and preschool and spending time with our kids. Come back soon, Cheryl.
Of course, the kids had to make funny faces. That’s what kids do.


Computer Training

New to the Urukundo sign is ICDL.

School, Dental, Foundation and now ICDL for computer training.

With ICDL, an advanced computer training class with qualified teachers is available to the community.

Police, bankers, businesspeople, district employees and any other interested groups or individuals are invited. Classes will begin in March 2018. They are in process as you read this sign.

To those readers in Rwanda: Delighted to have you join us. Call 0788919754 for information.

It might be a bit of a trip from outside the country, but you are also welcome.