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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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Baby Boom

This week a police officer and the vice mayor of the district brought us a 3 week old baby boy found along the road in the bushes during the night. We could not say no to such a precious and tiny baby and so now we have 3 babies less than two years Claudine our 2 1/2 year old little blind girl who is so fragile and in newborn diapers.  David is 8 months, Laki is 19 months and baby John is 3 weeks. We have named him John. He will be called Johnny.
I am becoming desperate for space for the babies. I am sure these are not the last babies we will receive. Our kids and mamas are delighted with each new arrival. Instant family. We now stand at 40.
We are not an institution we are a home and if this is the door God has opened to save these throw away babies we must heed the call. Please pray for our babies and this "God In Charge" Ministry.

Vise Mayor, Officer Mark, Unnamed baby boy, now John.

Vice Mayor Alyce, Officer Mark, Unnamed baby boy, now John

Johnny, the latest addition, 3 weeks old

Johnny, the latest addition, 3 weeks old

Good News

After a lot of paper work and meetings we have meet all government requirements in Rwanda and have acquired Non-profit status Certificate and all. This should help us with taxes and banking. It also says we are recognized by the Rwanda Government. This week our document will be read in front of the parliament. We received a lot of help and were able to get this accomplished rather quickly for Rwanda.

And More Good News

The Sector and District have listened to our appeal to close the road through our property. We have been given to permission to close it at once. It has become a dangerous race way for bicycles and motor bikes plus cars and trucks have started using it as a shortcut. It was not even a path when we bought the land. We developed the path and then created the road leading from the guesthouse property to the kid’s homes. The children are on that hand made road a lot and Laki likes to set in the path playing with stones. We have started by digging a trench. Now we must have stones, bricks, cement, sand and lime. We appreciate any help we can receive especially when the safety of our children is involved.

Road along side of our houses making the turn toward the guest house. White building is our kitchen.

Road along side of our houses making the turn toward the guest house. White building is our kitchen

Looking toward  the kitchen down the road to the temporary road block. You can do lots with a few stones and a ladder
Looking toward  the kitchen down the road to the temporary road block. You can do lots with a few stones and a ladder.

Some New Tools for Hope Made Real

A word from my Grandson, Christian:

This summer, I plan on journeying to Rwanda, bringing both equipment and friends to help jumpstart the tools and education available in Urukundo.  Mama Arlene has already gotten an internet connection to Urukundo, so now I'm focusing on bringing these kids the tools and skills they need to pursue their own talents and grow into skilled, intelligent adults.  We'll be spending two weeks there to not only set up the equipment, but to make sure everyone gets properly trained to take full advantage of the information available online.

All great things are built one step, one brick, one piece at a time.  I'd like to thank you all, the supporters of my grandmother, for helping her start with a piece of land and it build it into a home of hope.  It's my goal to find new supporters for Hope Made Real to fund this education project and build upon the strong foundation you all provide, so that we can grow even further and continue to bring hope to so many.

Thanks again,

Christian Gloddy

A Soccer Team Update

The team is standing at 12 wins and 2 losses. Not bad.

Team and coaches

Team and coaches. One key player, John Paul, was not present.

Meet Molly Treynor

Molly Treynor

Molly Treynor from Maumee, Ohio arrived in early January. Molly is a retired University Professor. Specializing in Counseling. Her commitment was to work as long-term volunteer and that has not changed. She has been with us for four months and she is now a part of the Urukundo Family. Our kids love Molly and her teasing and fun ways. She says that her first love was Baby David as he was part of the reason she decided to come back and work when she first visited the village as a delegate with People to People. She now is dedicated to all four babies. David, Laki, Claudine and John. She plans to be an ambassador for Urukundo Kids back home in Ohio.  She hates leaving them but admits she is homesick.  We will miss her a lot and look forward to her return.Safe travel Molly.