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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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Construction Underway

We are still building retaining walls. This one is a big one, protecting the library and classrooms. One extra plus is it does keep community citizens employed.
Last month you saw this work in progress. Now you see the finished gate house.


Secondary School Plans

On our way. Our hope is in you.
Long way to go. Prayers, please.

L. Ladies           $200
D. Jerro             $100
B. Stapleton    $500
Thank you. Help us reach the top.

Mama Arlene


January 2018 Newsletter

Here it is: another whole new year given to us as a gift. What new beginnings will we make in 2018 and how well will we work with projects from 2017 that were not finished?

Looking at our 2017 goals, many were accomplished. The building project for Preschool has been finished, giving us six Preschool classrooms.
Primary 1 through Primary 6 now have 12 classrooms. This was completed ahead of schedule.

A new guardhouse at the gate of the village is under construction. This will give our guard protection from the rain, and he still will be at the gate.
One school bus was purchased, and we were halfway toward the purchase of a second, larger bus. I couldnít get a photo of half a bus. Sorry. But here's the first one we bought.

Six new teachers were added to our school in December.

Bob and Amy Dove joined the Urukundo family and plan to be here for a year. They are improving our school with added training for our teachers.
For a yearís stay, it was decided they should have a house of their own. They are living in a house about a two-minute walk from Urukundo Village. Great to have this young couple with us.
Amy at work

Our community outreach focus is getting the ICDL computer center off the ground and running. This is Bob Dove's project. It is ready to roll.
Bob putting it all together.

Construction of the new computer lab and teaching center for the ICDL and the school is complete. They are in operation. More computers are needed. If you are upgrading your present computer and it is still good, think about contacting Carol Falke (falkes@verizon.net) and dispose of your old one for a good cause. It must be not junk.

In 2017, we welcomed Pastor Yves to Urukundo Worship Center as spiritual guide and counselor for the staff, children and community.
Yes, 2017 was an awesome year, thanks to all of you.


Setting Goals for the New Year and Beyond

Goals for 2018 started out with purchasing the second half of a bus. That already was accomplished in January. The bus is bigger and can bring more of our kids safely to school. It has been painted the school bus color, its title was changed and it was inspected for 2018.
SECONDARY SCHOOL (HIGH SCHOOL) IN VISION The main and GREATEST goal may be a bit harder to achieve. (God in charge; all things are possible.) That goal is to fund and build a Secondary School (High School) to be added to our school system. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

The first Secondary School gifts to kick off the project are here. Add your name to the list. No gift is too small; no gift too large. Designate the gift: Secondary School.
Michael Jerro   USA        Amount $100
Lace Ladies     UK         Amount $200
Thank you, Michael and the Lace Ladies.



Another Thank You

Christmas was extra special for our children, thanks to St. Paul's United Methodist Church, State College, Pa., USA. Over 100 bags were hand-decorated and filled with precious gifts for the children in Urukundo Village, Binunga Community of Muhanga, Rwanda.

Rowan Miller is one of the wonderful kids in the toddlerís class at St. Paulís Sunday School. They are sharing. The toddlers, moms and dads were an inspiration. Little ones willing to share with other little ones is what the love of Christ and Christmas is all about. These bags also can be used as backpacks for the younger children and for delivering infant clothing to new mamas passing through the MAMA & BABY OUTREACH.
Thank you, St. Paulís and all who made this special time even more special for over 700 children who shared the bags of blessings in a small town in Rwanda. You are a blessing to us.

Our kids were so excited.