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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve devotions our children give gifts to our visitors.  The children love to give as well as receive.  What a wonderful time was enjoyed by all.

Staff & Children Christmas Party

Staff and their children Christmas party at Urukundo. Sumbosa, drink and gifts. 
159 attended. It was fun for all.

Mama and her babies cutting birthday cake

Mama’s babies; Jason, Jacob & Janett help Mama cut the birthday cake.

November 2016 Newsletter

November started out great but went down hill in the middle of the month.

Why?  Mama got very sick. A urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and a stone in the gall bladder did a number on yours truly. I landed in the hospital. One good thing that occurred was during this was my daughter, Patricia.  Patricia flew to Rwanda to be at my bedside. That was the best possible medicine. After 6 days in the hospital and some improvement, I was able to come home to continue my medication and recovery. The recovery has been slow.  I am not yet back to normal but I am working on it everyday.

Even though her visit was short, Patricia visited Urukundo Village.

Claudine and Patricia playing a match game.


Urukundo School.


Gitarama Birthing Center


Kyles’ last day was spent playing foote ball with the kids in the front yard.


Urukundo Learning Center celebrated it's 5th graduation. 

It was a wonderful event. Here are a few highlight.

Our Graduates Forever, Soso and Isaah.


Proud father

Benjamin (our Maintenance Manager)’s child, Chuzuzo was in the graduating class.


Diplomas given the class                    


Urukundo hosted a two women team from GEI. The purpose was to interview teachers who had experienced the Drama teaching program formerly presented by Drew Cohn and the team from Buffalo Collage, Buffalo New York. Many of you will remember when the Anne Frank Project first came to Urukundo Learning Center and how successful it was. Theogin and Remy–Paul were the teachers chosen to meet with Kate and Solange and take part in the interview. Thank you teachers for giving up your Sunday to be a part of this worthwhile project.

Theogin, Kate, Solange, Remy-Paul


Olive Kate, Solange, Kyle


School progress

The new furniture for Primary 5 arrived and is waiting to be placed.


Our kids have this month and next as a long holiday from school. They are having fun just being together, playing soccer in my front yard and doing other fun things.

Johnny has a new puzzle.  It is a map of the United States. Combining fun with Geography.


Birthday party at the Day Care


Prince and Soso building with magnets.


Photo Gallery


Hope you enjoyed the Gallery also hope I did not miss any of the children.


Another visitor Callie Scott from Pittsburgh, PA took part in the Graduation.

Kyle, Mama, Callie

Learning Pathway

New stone on path. 

Urukundo kids and Urukundo Foundation wishes all our friends and sponsors:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017


Newsletter for October 2016

The month of October has come and gone with as usual many happenings and changes at Urukundo Village.

We had very interesting visitors.

Divine one of our University students works part time at a hostel in Kigali City.  She is always ready to talk about her brothers and sisters at Urukundo when she is asked about her life.  David Stalls from Colorado, USA asked and she talked. David decided he needed to visit this place Divine loved so much. It was our pleasure to welcome him.

Mama, Divine and David,

Early morning found David enjoying the veranda at “Mama’s House”.

A great place to Journal.

Dinner with the kids.

Natacha Cerise comes from Guadeloupe by way of UK. Our kids were fascinated to hear about the little island in the Pacific Natasha came from.

We combined Geography, History and Devotions in a wonderful session one evening while she was with us. 

Rebekah & Jacob our next construction engineers.  Balls & rods a beginning.

Natasha and the Urukundo Kids.

It must be a Friday, they are in sports clothes. Yep, it is.

Dental Project

Happy team.

The Dental is now official and this team made it happen.

Olivier, Eric, Gabby & Jean Marie

Last requirement needed, An incinerator needed to be built for disposal of Hazardous materials from the dental clinic.


In Process

Yep, we built it.  The dental is long term so it just made good sense to build our own incinerator rather than always be paying another organization to handle our hazard waste materials.  More economical for sure.

Finished except for clean up around the area.

We have approval from the Ministry of Health but are waiting for the license to be issued. It is our hope to publish the License in November’s newsletter.


Mama & Baby Project

Mama & Baby project is a continuing blessing. Babies are so precious.

It means so much to see a healthy, happy baby and a proud mama.

Baby Belise 11 month old, Mama, and big sister came to visit.

Baby Brino is 3 weeks old. 

The mamas are so happy to bring the baby and share the love.  They never fail to say how grateful they are to have received needed help from the Mama & baby program.  Blessings are shared!

Newborn wearing hat, shawl, and receiving blanket. Gifts from you who care. Thank you! These are just a few of the items given to the mama’s for their newborn.

We also want to say THANK YOU to manufacturer of these bags we fill to give the mamas gifts for their babies.

More Visitors

A sad but happy reunion.

Urukundo welcomed Kim Wilson and his children back for a short visit to Rwanda. This was their first visit back after the tragic death of their mother Rena serving as a missionary in Kamony area of Rwanda. It was good to see Kim and the children again.


New brick walk way to Hope House. Every time it rained this area was flooded and mud was for me a big problem.  Really I think the kids liked walking in the mud.

Removing a wall and opening easier access to the necessary room at Hope House seemed long overdue. The wall came down and steps put in place. Better access for children going for potty breaks during worship. They hated walking all the way around the wall. So climbing on the wall and jumping down was more fun but a bit dangerous. 

Banita, Joyce, Jason, and Jenny trying out the new steps.

English Improvement Class

Kyle Jerro a true Urukundo family member is home for two month.  Kyle is a linguist from University of Texas & Princeton University in New Jersey. His stay is for 2 months, long enough for the classes he is teaching to have a real impact on his students.

Kyle is teaching Advanced Conversational English in a class for teachers. This class will benefit our teachers and our school and so the children.

Kyle is also teaching beginners English class each afternoon.

This class is made up of Guards, Mamas and students from the sewing center.

Yet more visitors

Urukundo is blessed.  Visitors from GEI “Global Engagement Institute.”  The visit was very short but I was delighted that they added Urukundo to their busy schedule.  Our visitors names were Lusijah Jean Marx, Barbara Jean Parker, Marcie Barent, Louise Ann Rabidoux, and Maxine Faye Hollinger. 

Learning Pathway

New stone on the Path to Learning

In Loving Memory



In case you meant to donate and forgot

October & November are the months Urukundo and friends gather in love to support the vulnerable children in our community.  December is not too late

School fees for Primary school are due in January. Please send your gift.

Any amount would be appreciated.

Give a Christmas gift that will continue to give and make a difference for a child’s lifetime.

Your donation provides support for many children to go to school and places them on the path to education that is so needed to give a child a better life.

Please open your hearts and yes, your purse strings and help us help the community children to have the education they deserve and need to build a better future.

Send a check indicating your gift is a donation for Community Education.

Thank you for caring and sharing

Mama Arlene

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