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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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Child of the month

Kenny and Kenilla.

OK, so it should read ìchildren.î However, these two are one special package. They are twins.

Kenny and Kenilla were sent to Urukundo Home by family and Gender Exc Sec Gerard Ndatsikira and were accompanied by their grandfather, Kayitare Gaeton. After giving birth, their mother abandoned the children, leaving them with the grandfather.
Their grandfather is in poor health and confined to a wheelchair. He tried his best but could not care for them as they grew older. The social worker in the area brought them to Urukundo.

Pastor Yves visits their grandfather.
We have watched them grow from babies to the P5 students they are today. Kenny and Kenilla are not identical, but there is a resemblance that says they are twins. They have totally different personalities. Kenny is the jokester. Kenilla is serious. Kenny is the student. Kenilla is the caregiver.
Both are a blessing to the Urukundo Home for Children.


Karate winners

Football is not our only sport. We are very proud of our karate team. The team went to its first competition. They were the winners.

We recognize their Master Eugene Iyamuremye. Eugene gives freely of his time every Saturday morning to train the team. Eugene also is doing a good job as our farm manager.

We have many at Urukundo who wears many hats. Thank you, Eugene, for teaching karate at Urukundo along with your duties at the farm.

You are special.


Blessed events

All 38 of our women on staff, Mama and volunteer Amy honored Betty, the mama in charge at the boys house, with a bridal shower. It was the first event of its kind at Urukundo. Her wedding will take place March 31. The Urukundo kids and mama are invited and will attend. Pictures will be in April's newsletter.
Executive Director Jean Marie, his wife Larissa and new big sister Lana welcome a new baby girl into their world.


A lookback 

It's years later, but they're our babies.

Such a blessing to see them growing up!


Palm Sunday at Urukundo 


Walking and singing Hosanna

Amy Dove reading Scriptures; Bob Dove as speaker for the day.

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