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A Note for New Readers

Urukundo Village is an independent home for Rwandan children created and funded through Hope Made Real and its incredibly kind donors. We are not funded by any particular denomination or organization and welcome all who seek to help the children of Rwanda and create a better world not just for a child, but for us all. 

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Urukundo National Board of Directors

Six members make up the Urukundo National Board of Directors. These include:

  • President: Hildebrand Kanzira

  • Vice President: Oswalde Ruremesha

  • Honorary Member: Gertrude Mupfasoni

  • Secretary: Félicité Uwimana

  • Deputy: Jean Marie Ntwari

  • Founder & Director, Chair: Arlene D. Brown,


Hope Made Real International Board

Chair: Gerald Brown

President: Carol Falke

Vice President/Funding Chair: Louise Medland

Treasurer: Marilyn Ely

Secretary: Margie Krogh

Advisor: Kyle Jerro


Term of Office

The International Board includes no fewer than five and no more than nine members. Board members serve a two-year renewable term and are elected every two years. A member found to not be acting in the best interest of the board may be discontinued by a 2/3 majority vote.

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